No place like home?

It’s amazing how many people have come out of the woodwork for me.  Last night, one bought a few Belhavens   In reading my blog, he felt the need to reach out and inquire my alcohol preference.  And reminded me that laughter is not a distant memory.

Even though God and I are not speaking, He does have a funny way.  He handed me an apartment that required no fee, no signing in blood, no swearing away my first-born child.  A rarity for we Manhattanites who are so often put through the ringer for wanting to live in the 212.

Despite coming back to my sister’s place, playing puzzles with my niece, eating the most amazing pasta dish courtesy of my brother-in-law…I feel so far from home. But in the coming months, I don’t doubt that “home” is redefined.

My new apartment will be baptized with tears for a long time.  And I dread the first night there alone.  But will I be stronger the next day?  Yes.  My mother reminded me that it’s been two weeks – 14 days since I shared a wonderful Valentine’s Day with my ex-boyfriend and talked about our ideas for the future. Fourteen days of living out of a brown leather bag, typing furiously away on this new little toy of mine…fourteen days since I’ve been an innocent girl who was certain of her future and questioned nothing.  Then tossed around in an emotional tornado and landing in my own version of Oz.  I find myself on my yellow brick road to finding Courage, a Brain, and, yes, a (new) Heart.  Typical, for a girl from Kansas.  it’s as if this story has been told before.


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