Retracing old steps…

In the law of large numbers, I’m destined to have something work in my favor.  And tonight was a good night.  My Mondays used to consist of a quick gym run, a D’agostino stop, making a 9pm dinner for two, and a quiet night at home.  Tonight’s wasn’t too far off, and good in its own way.

The West Side Highway sunset provided a beautiful night for a run with a dear friend.  I’ve been convinced that running that half marathon in two weeks is a great idea (my knees disagree), and I had one of the best runs of my life.  Three miles in, we passed my ‘old’ street that bears the blue door. She and I retraced the steps of a path, one taken frequently in my ex’s and my neighborhood runs.  I warned my fellow runner that I might have a moment, and I did.  But I was done with my outburst by Perry Street (for those not familiar to the West Village, one block away).  We resumed our conversation about my couch purchase, and we were flying by, both surprised by our soon-to be -Spring agility.  Down to the new Goldman building and back to the office.  That run had to be traveled at some point, and I was grateful to not be alone.

It was the first night commuting back to my new apartment and I was trying a different route than I took this morning.  Stepping out at the subway stop with about twenty others, we looked like a flock of geese, all traveling in the same direction…it got to a point where I thought we might inhabit the same building.  Walking home, I realized that I lived two blocks away from one of the best burgers in Manhattan, and the word ‘karma’ came to mind.

Walking through my door, knowing only darkness lay on the other side, I put on a sarcastic smile, and yelled out,  “Honey, I’m home!”  I was met with silence, quickly remedied with some of my favorite things: wine (red), dvd (West Wing), candle (Sea Island Cotton), cookie (black and white).  The quiet is breathtaking, full, and important.

My job now is to be a better friend, a better aunt, a better sister, a better daughter.  Not just to be a devoted girlfriend.  And now I have plenty of time to figure out the best ways to succeed in my role.  I’d like to think that in the three weeks that I’ve held this position that I’m doing an okay job.  I look forward to learning from my employers and getting a raise and promotion when warranted.

Pretty amazing night, all in all.  In its own way.


One thought on “Retracing old steps…

  1. fyi– you’re a pretty decent sister. and i don’t think clara has any complaints about your aunting capabilities. after all, you let her color all over the page you were coloring on.

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