The straight and narrow.

Remembering this past weekend in Chicago, one word immediately comes to mind…detox.  Holy smokes.  I got on the plane at LaGuardia all yogi-fied and returned glassy-eyed.  Little or no sleep, way too many afternoon drinks and an insane amount of food – that’s what a vacation should be.  Of course, from the Monday 7am shuttle, I had to go right into work, which led to a few “best not speak to me before I’ve had my coffee” and then later, “Mmm, still don’t speak to me.”  There are few photos from the trip, but many memories.  I saw some sites, visited some fun cousins, and learned a lot about the bar scene from a male’s perspective (but now wish I could scrub my brain with bleach).  And that was just Friday.

However, I am presently scripting Swingers 2.

The plane ride there was a bit hairy.  People who have flown with me are used to hands painfully squeezed and arms being prayed into.  I don’t do turbulence.  This trip was no different, but I had no one to grab onto this time around.  Flying into Midway, there were several people screaming repeatedly, hands being clutched across the aisles, and prayers said to more than one god.  Closing my eyes, the focus became the runway.  I knew we’d get down there and have a great story to tell about our journey. I got through with only my knees knocking, and with one trip under my belt, I’m onto planning the next one.

This coming weekend I’m trying a few new things.  My inner Robin Hood will be found at archery, and then I will head to Chelsea Piers to celebrate the Masters.  There’s nothing cooler than hitting a few balls on a beautiful day, even if you don’t know what you’re doing. It’s a great lesson on learning how to maintain an unwavering focus on the end result, the runway.  Nearing that bulls-eye or hitting a straight shot – the point is to do something without hesitating, without thinking that you can’t, and envisioning the target hit.  Leave the seeming logic behind.  All great accomplishments only require four things: a dream, an action, a whole lot of patience, and several miracles thrown in. Maybe if I think straight, things will finally go straight.


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