Case of the Mondays…

I’m supposed to be studying for my finals, but instead watching How I Met Your Mother (you know you have issues when this show makes you well up, for the love of Pete) and drinking a glass of Malbec, after an intense yoga class.  It’s important to acknowledge that this is my fourth day in a row of yoga…and I’ve never given that to myself before.  I had every opportunity, but chose to live another’s life.  Perhaps the most important thing I’ve learned from all of this is that there is no need to give up what you love and those you love for the one you love.  Don’t make the same mistake I did.  There’s no reason why it can’t all be combined into one glorious life.  And your significant other will benefit from your independence as well.

I went to my first therapy session today.  Mom, Dad – just because I thought i needed some therapy doesn’t mean that you failed as parents.  I am just not ignorant enough to think that the advice of my friends and family is going to reveal to me the patterns of my life choices.

But still, even I was a little unsettled with this idea, and didn’t sleep a wink the night before.  Monday began as the door opening revealed a man that resembled the late Aaron Spelling, but with a handshake that would make a younger man whimper.  Even though I’m not a stranger to telling, well, strangers my issues (hello everyone), I began cautiously, of course, making nervous jokes.  I began with about how this was a hell of a way to start off the week (“But maybe, Eileen, it’s the best way to start off the week”)…he had an answer for all of my quips.

Of course I’m not going to tell you what we spoke about, but I will tell you one takeaway…at one point, in talking about everyone’s desire to be the one person that saves another, that teaches them what real love is…about the want of women to be the Annette Bening to his Warren Beatty (oh come on, he slept with thousands of women until he found love with Annette, stay with me people)…he looked at me quizzically and said “Where do you get this notion that women are here to solve the problems of men?  Men should be standing up and solving their own problems.”


Mmmm, what?

I was stumped, befuddled, and rendered speechless.  This weekend I drank beer,  watched  Braveheart, followed by Gladiator, and spent a small fortune on iTunes.  In short, I was a dude.  But it made me no clearer to understanding the male species (although I dig the way they spend their weekends – rock on).

I suppose it’s about time I started sleeping in the middle of the bed, and not on the right side as has grown to be my habit.  After my very revealing morning (thanks to Mr. Spelling), I’m just about done in…I’m in desperate need of a life savasana.  I need an Eileen who wants to solve my problems for me.


One thought on “Case of the Mondays…

  1. This “Where do you get this notion that women are here to solve the problems of men? Men should be standing up and solving their own problems.”

    just rocked me to my core in a very good way. Thanks for sharing, thanks for making me think about things in a different way and thanks for pointing out what should be the most obvious thing in the world.

    Love you!

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