clear eyes…full hearts…can’t lose

Today was a pretty darn good day, I have to say.  I don’t know why I felt good.  Perhaps it was because I had my cowboy boots on. Maybe it was because I was a rock star at work and had all the answers. Maybe it was because I met Jack last night.  Maybe it was because I challenged myself with an advanced yoga class after work. Who am I to question it? I’ll take it. I never got sad, welled up, or came close to crying. Perhaps I had a choice today and made one without realizing. Everyday is a choice between love and fear.

Then I got home and did something stupid. I went on iTunes, and added to the playlist I’m working on for all those patio parties. But, idiot that I am, I bought my favorite love song, To Make You Feel My Love, by Garth Brooks. Idiot. Fool. Moron.

So immediately after that 99 cent purchase, I had to follow it up with some Feist and some Phoenix. Whew – back on track.

Today I didn’t feel that I was looking down the barrel of the gun while it was being fired. I remembered that what others say and do likely has little to do with you or your worth as a person. I looked at the photo of Friday Night Lights (season 4, may 7 on NBC-don’t argue with me, just watch) I have in my cube, and was remembered that clear eyes, full hearts can’t lose.

By the way, Jack is a Thoroughbred gelding, who will be the man in my life every Tuesday night for as long as I can afford it.  Don’t get ahead of yourselves.

Now go listen to “You, Me and the Bourgeouisie” by The Submarines and tell me you don’t feel good. And I didn’t even realize that the lyrics were…
Everyday I wake up,
I choose Love
I choose Light
And I try…


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