The Game of Risk

In my last semester at school, I’m taking what has been my favorite class to date: Me, Inc. One of my professor’s many hats is as an executive and life coach.  So needless to say, in both fields of career and personal existence…it’s all about Me.  And it could not have come at a better time, if I do say so myself.

What I’m learning from my classmates has been groundbreaking.  I find each individual more interesting than the next…and the camaraderie is felt by everyone.  Monday night took a powerful turn, when I learned something about a classmate I had seen from afar for several semesters.  My age, extremely pretty and kind in the way only Mid-westerners can be – she looked to have it all together.  I will not reveal her story – as Marlon Brando said, “Privacy is not something that I’m merely entitled to, it’s an absolute prerequisite.”  But I don’t think I met strength until 5:50 that night.  I was reminded that people are capable of more than we will ever know.  A shy, quiet girl from Fort Wayne, Indiana followed her husband to Tribeca…and she became a self-reliant, empowered single survivor on the Upper West Side.  I’m in awe of her.

In having a beer with her afterwards, we were discussing the theme of class, Change.  That without it we can become complacent, unchallenged, too accepting.  But fear holds us back most of all – the fear of the unknown, the trauma of uncertainty, the anxiety of making a wrong step.  Fear of change holds us back from our journey to happiness, finding our place in this world, of seeking our true passions and the reasons we are here.  The status quo is easy.  And the road most traveled.

There is something that each of us wants to change – about ourselves, our career, our decisions, our family, our health…our day-to-day or our Big Picture.  And we all know what it is.  It’s something different for each of us…and it’s been sitting on our shoulders, whispering in our ears.  Today, acknowledge it.  I’m not telling you to act on it, I would not presume to know your circumstance.  But  just acknowledge it.  Listen for a moment to that desire to change, to improve.  Take that untenable situation, and make a choice.  To step outside of all we have known in the past is to open ourselves to a world of possibilities.  Risk must not be overshadowed by our fear.  Our will shall be tested.  But just think what we will lose if we don’t.

Yes, it’s daunting.  But just think of those people who you meet along the way that have done something “crazy,” that found a strength unfathomable to some.   For maybe they haven’t done something crazy, maybe they’re just living.  And maybe you aren’t.


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