This weekend was very special.  I ventured down a decade-long Memory Lane and went to my college reunion.  I got on a bus at 7am and, four hours later, was supposed to be met with severe thunderstorms.  Instead I arrived to sun, friends, fantastic news, memories, and hugs.

My time at Boston College was time I’d like to get back, for many reasons.  I had a long-distance boyfriend at the time, that kept me away weekends and through some of the most important bonding time.  While the friendships that I made at BC have thrived despite my frequent absences, I missed much.  I was never fully present even when I was there…and was aching to graduate, enter the real world and make some money.  Sigh.

During those poignant years, I wish that I had breathed more …that I took in how special that time in our lives really is.  You’re living with your friends…you have a plastic card that allows you to get “free” food at any hour…you go to class maybe four hours a day tops…you go to weekly football games…and you meet tons of people.  What’s not to love?  What the heck were we so stressed out about back then?

Most of my time spent at that age was hurried.  I wanted to turn 21, then I wanted to graduate, then I wanted to get the big job, then I wanted to start this glorious NYC existence, replicated only in HBO series that can’t leave well enough alone and instead make terrible movies.

So this weekend, it was very important for me to go back…stand in the quad…and breathe.  To inhale all of those memories…and to forgive myself for not being present while I was there. Today I am so grateful that I went back…grateful for the friends that went against their initial objections to wear name tags and stand in the Rat…grateful for those who continue to stand by me.  I don’t think they know how important this was for me.

The word “family” is often described as your blood relatives.  But the word encompasses so much more…ask yourself who loves you when you need them the most, when it counts the most.  They’re your family, too.

Thank you, dear friends, my family, from the bottom of my heart, for allowing me to be present.


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