The Broken Road that will Lead Me Straight…

Tonight I attended Yoga at the Great Lawn…10, 000 people in one place to take a free yoga lesson.  Naturally, as everything in New York City that is free has to be attended by the entire metropolis, we stood on line for two hours, clutching our emailed tickets that read “rain or shine.”  Once we have our yoga mats laid out, it begins to lightly drizzle, which added an air of peace to an already tranquil setting (minus the hovering helicopter, NBC, I’m talking to you).  We begin our practice, the grass begins to smell like morning…ten thousand strong in one long Ommmmmm, thousands of uniform downward dogs…it was a sight to behold.  What was also a sight to behold was when they then immediately canceled the event.  Rain or shine apparently doesn’t mean when it’s raining.  Here’s a hot tip…don’t ever piss off 10, 000 yogis.  Namaste this.

Mercifully, my mantra happens to be “everything in life can be solved with heffeweizen”…and so we went.

All of this occurred after a very long day.  Each day, I’ve been getting to about 2:45pm when I start to crawl under my desk in fetal position, and begin to rock back and forth.  I can’t put my finger on what it is. My frustration level is at an all-time high…and anyone who has met me knows that’s impressive.  The next ash cloud is going to be caused by my own eruption, and for weeks no one is going to be able to fly into the East Coast.  You can thank me later.

The yoga everyday is helpful for that wonderful sixty minutes.  After that blissful hour, I inhabit the body of the Tasmanian Devil.  I suppose I’m just ready for something to happen.  To be told where the next detour is…to follow the man with the orange flags that will guide me around the obstruction, where the path will then straighten, the gravel will be left behind, and I get to drive on the newly paved road.

We never know how a dream will come true, until it does. But if we just keep showing up, they always do.  So I will keep showing up, everyday, in the rain, if I have to.  Everyday, clutching my ticket, standing in the line with the masses, waiting for it to be my turn.


One thought on “The Broken Road that will Lead Me Straight…

  1. LOVE your blog, Eileen! I feel like you say everything I’m thinking! 🙂 Just so you know, my frustration level is at an all-time high as well. I’m blaming it on senioritis. I am on the cusp of so much closure and so many new beginnings that the anxiety is palpable. In fact, I think I actually had a panic attack the other day (actually, I though it was a heart attack, but I didn’t die so I figured a panic attack was the next best thing). I want to get to that new place where I can start being the new me…but for now work, school, and time just keep getting in the way. Hang in there! It will be so good when we arrive!! – e.

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