Things I Know for Sure – San Francisco Edition

  1. I will never take the 12 bus down Mission Street again.  It took me leaving NYC to finally be assaulted by a homeless person.  After punching me repeatedly in the stomach for brushing up against him in the very crowded bus (no, no one rushed to my aid), I yelled at him to relax and informed him I would not be stealing anything from him.   No, I will not be taking the 12 again, if only for the safety of the other patrons.
  2. In N’ Out burger far surpasses any fast food I have ever tasted, though their French Fries leave much to be desired.  Go talk to Ronald, he’ll tell you how it’s done.
  3. Wine tastes better in California.  Even Australian Malbecs.
  4. I have never had a better cup of coffee in my life, hands down.  But it’s a toss-up between Philz and Blue Bottle – can’t decide.
  5. It was very odd to be running across the Golden Gate Bridge, only to see my ex-boyfriend’s new best friend running as well.  After a brief chat, I know there is no such thing as coincidence.  God does indeed have a sense of humor.
  6. Running a half marathon in NYC without training for it is far different from running one in San Francisco without training for it.
  7. San Francisco is not warm.  Let me put it this way, it’s effin’ freezing.  But there is something to be said for wearing a fleece on a beach.  It’s pretty spectacular.
  8. Sitting next to a thirty year-old Scottish venture capitalist for six hours (who got us four mini bottles of wine for free by smiling at the female flight attendants), being driven home in his town car, and exchanging information is definitely my idea of a good flight. Again, God has a sense of humor.  Cheers.
  9. After watching the season premiere of Mad Men, I realize I know Don Draper very well.  Very well.  It doesn’t end well for him, folks.  He loses the girl for good.
  10. The jury is still out on whether I will ever move to San Francisco.  Only time will tell to see if it all comes together.  But you will hear it first. Promise.

2 thoughts on “Things I Know for Sure – San Francisco Edition

  1. More entries on #8 please.

    I’m more convinced than ever I need a one-way ticket to Scotland. The fantasy goes: I step off the plane, and Ewan McGregor, James McAvoy, and Gerard Butler are all there to greet me.

    I’d be like that sandwich delivery guy in Love Actually who buys a ticket to the USA, everyone laughs at him, but the last laugh is on everybody, because it works out just great for him.

  2. it was the 14 bus, Ei. And, it was our way of saying, “Welcome to SF!” hahahahahaha I loved every minute of having you here and I think you should move here!!

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