Viva Italia

I have now spent a week in Tuscany.  And from my lack of gab this week, you can tell what a week it was.  The sights I have seen, the food I have eaten, the drink poured down my throat…truly a roller coaster ride.

The villa we stayed at will never be forgotten.  Upon arrival I felt like I was in a Miss Marple episode…there was a Dallas couple who made their living in the oil biz, a pilot and his wife from Maryland, the Londoners with the cutest British kids ever (one actually said, “Please, can I have some more?), and an older Swiss couple.  I was waiting for someone to show up dead in the olive fields, so Miss Marple could come, have a spot of tea on the Tuscan countryside, and solve the great mystery.

Every night, after long days spent in Siena, Florence, or Pienza, we would sit together and swap life stories.  I went from thinking that I would spend my graduation vacation alone to meeting new friends from around the globe.

Today is Rome, and so will be my home for the next two days.  Caravaggios, truffels, and cobblestone streets. Oh my.

A few more hours in a place that could not feel further from home.  The great mystery to me is not how the Romans sculpted these great cathedrals without cranes and cement…but instead what home will feel like after two weeks away….


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