Things My Brain Thinks About When No One is Looking – Part 2

1) BLT Burger posted signs that they were moving in across the street from my apartment.  Instead, a Shwamah Vegetarian Cuisine did.  I feel as though I’m being punished for something.

2) Sam Champion is way too friggin’ cheerful in the morning.  Take a sedative before I go to Times Square and wipe that grin off your face with my elbow.  (I’m such a morning person)

3) You evidently need a PhD in Droid in order to use this darn device. I consider myself an intelligent gal, but  I think I may be able to fly the Starship Enterprise when I am done reading this manual.

4) Completing a training run for the Marine Corps Marathon: $173/month gym membership

Sports Illustrated membership: $20 a year

Steak: $5 from Gristedes, cooked on my bbq

Beer: $20 for 18 pack

Sitting on my patio being a complete dude: priceless

5) There is an amazing amount of joy in looking at my week, and realizing that I have not one single thing I HAVE to do.  No classes to go to, no papers to write, no groups to meet in the lounge.  I’ve discovered the freedom of choice.  There’s nothing like it.

6) Girl With a Dragon Tattoo finally gets going at about page 75.  This better be worth it.

7) Is it wrong that I feel a special kinship with the Jetblue flight attendant?

8) I don’t understand Twitter.  I’m trying my hardest, but I feel daft.  Why am I using # and @ symbols?  Why are we communicating in code?

9) I feel no need to open up my credit card bill this month, after two weeks in San Francisco and Italy.  Instead I will send a notarized letter to Citicard promising them my first-born child.  If my streak continues, I won’t be having any children, so the jokes on them (insert evil laugh here).  Which makes the winter trip to Argentina all that more likely….followed by the African safari in late 2011.

10) I dare you to run ten miles on a treadmill surrounded by TVs only playing Real Housewives of New Jersey.  And then not be able to watch every future episode.  Impossible.


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