Things I Know For Sure – Part 4

1 –  Our lives should have multiple chapters, just like a book that tells its story from a different place, a different voice, a different time.  Sometimes you want to fastforward until the plot gets good again, but it’s the in-between pages that build up the characters.

2 –  The whole talking to myself thing has begun officially.  I’m quite a good conversationalist.  I even surprise myself with punchlines.

3 – You can either choose to let whatever it is destroy you, or you can use it.  I have decided to put its power into my work instead – throwing myself into finding a good job that pays me what I’m worth, possibly trying out a new city, following my passions, and taking care of myself.  And most of all, remembering my value.

4 – I was told  the other day that I had a Mary Tyler Moore thing going on – I don’t know whether that means I have a bad haircut, or that people laugh at my expense.

5 – I finally get it.  Finally.  People don’t escape from other people, from relationships, from their lives.  It’s about finding some time to escape the pain of being them.

6 – At a Time Warner Women’s Network Conference, I learned from female CEOs that all the power meetings take place in the ladies’ room, that men are a lot of work, you can disagree without being disagreeable, you must convince people that you can bust through walls, and that  it is a lie that “nice girls don’t get the corner office.”

7 – Today at work I wore a plaid shirt, jeans, cowboy boots and had my hair loose and tousled.  In short, I looked exactly like Tim Riggins from Friday Night Lights.

8 – When you put someone on a pedestal, the only place they have to look is down.

9 – It takes me  thirty minutes to shower, apply makeup, blowdry my hair and become the person people expect me to be by 9am.  By the time I revolve through that door at work, I have practiced how I am to behave and begin playing the part, coffee in hand.  I’m exhausted by noon.

10 – “To love is not to look at one another, but to look together in the same direction.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupery, The Little Prince, 1943.  if I were to get a tattoo, that’s what it would say.


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