Warning: corny alert.

I definitely have always known, but not often enough have appreciated the power of good friends.   It’s easy to take friendship for granted, but thankfully the people in my life teach me so much on a daily basis that there is no ignoring it.  And how blessed am I to say that I cannot limit it to these few?  That there are so many more that I will write about in the months to come, as they continue to foster, teach, and overall, for lack of a better word, rock.

One commands a stage as if it were an orchestra and she the maestro.  I mean, I knew she was talented, but I can honestly say I had no idea that she had pipes that could send chills down your spine.  Not to mention the charisma to have an audience riveted in their seats. I pride myself on being rarely surprised, taken aback, and otherwise floored.  She knocked my socks off during her last show, and I turned into THAT person in the audience who jumps up wildly, clapping like I was having a seizure, and probably embarrassed the heck out of her.  She has tackled so much this year in her career, debuted an album, and takes risks everyday.  And she has done it all with the class I can only hope one day to achieve.  There is zero doubt that I will one day proudly say that I am friends with a Broadway star.  In the meantime, I’ll just say that I am psyched to be friends with such a songstress as Katie.  And she has cool hair.

Another new friend at work is an unbelievable writer, but even better, has the sense of humor and dry delivery that I would kill for.  She has an insane taste in music, and gotten me away from my zealous overplaying of country western tunes about trucks and beer. I’m sure my cubicle mates thank her introduction of Adele, The Nationals, and the latest Arcade Fire.  Gifted with a quick wit, Becky keeps me going all day at work with the one-liners over Instant Messenger.  You will see her name in the credits as a writer and producer for the next great sitcom.  She happens to have really cool hair too, come to think of it.  Maybe it’s a thing….

Another singlehandedly created a therapeutic riding program and donates her entire weekends to teaching adults and kids with special needs how to search within themselves to command a horse, focus their expansive brains, and gather their courage, all leading to remarkable advancements in their personalities and relationships with their family and teachers.  I never saw Lisa as a maternal person off the bat, but the way she nurtures these kids is downright heroic.  I hope her talents are contagious, and that I have kids one day that I can nurture with the same care that she gives her students.  She has the kindest horse I have ever met, and it’s not by accident.  She’s totally blushing right now sitting at her desk in her bigwig job, but I don’t care, because it’s rare that anyone can make this powerful woman blush.  Mission accomplished?

Another is a friend that I saw for the first time in seven years just the other day when he asked me to get ashes with him at St. Patrick’s Cathedral.  So it’s odd to say that he has been a daily presence (thank you facebook) in my life for this past year.  As I turned my computer on every morning at work, I knew it would be mere moments before he checked in to see how I was feeling that morning.  A previous co-worker from a lifetime ago, I don’t believe it is a mistake that he bears the same last name as my brother-in-law and, now my sister.  For, Jeremy is indeed family.  Always good for a laugh, he even made me consistently write out my least favorite acronym (yes, I have a least favorite acronym), LOL.  He is a constant reminder of how integrity is manifested in a human being.

The best thing that came out of my Fordham MBA were three women who I pride myself in knowing.  One I’ve written about before, and the other two are just as strong and have a gift for gab that I thankfully indulge in as often as possible.  Thank God for Ellen, Kelley, and Linnette. They let me be me.  And never have I seen a girls’ night that required two trips to the recycling bin.  Brava, ladies.

So many of my friends are unbelievable moms.  I always knew they would be, of course, but I remember them as straight-A students who could play beer pong like BC was giving away scholarships to the champions.  Despite our lives ranging from single to married with kids, we all still relate to each other.  Granted, I know far more about breast milk and potty training that a single gal should (I’m talking to you Jess, Beth, Katie, Megan, and Casey).  But I know that they look out for me, and their humor does not fade despite their short hours of sleep.  For my single friends, they keep me going, and have shoulders big enough for me to lean on constantly.  Not only have they cut out incredible careers for themselves (Grace and Nelse saving the planet, one patient at a time…) but still have time for little old me.

Anyhoo, that’s all I have in me tonight.  And it all came from this video above that  won the top award at the 2011 British Arrows Awards for advertising and production.  It inspired me – to write this, to thank my friends, and remind me that once again, I just may be the luckiest person on the planet.

I warned you it was corny.


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