The Grand Experiment

I’ve been reading way too much about Penn State…much more than a non-alumnus should about the inner workings of this case, the quick judgments of a media-obsessed audience like myself, and the failure of good men.  Raised Irish Catholic, I’d love to say that this is an area of which I am ignorant   But from 3000 miles away, I look at a university of which I have fond memories, and pray that the student body, faculty, and hundred of thousands of alumni, all whom had nothing to do with any of this, can rebuild the very foundation that their school was built on, reclaiming its status as a “molder of men.”

But most importantly, I pray that this sheds light on the crime of inaction. If anything comes of this, let that be it.  Football will be played again, and white-outs will be celebrated.  But if there is one take-away, let it not be about the failure of a football program, let it be the failure of human beings.

Anyway, that’s all I have on that subject.  Don’t get me wrong, I have many opinions, but I’ll leave it to the authorities and the people who are at the forefront who have 100% of the information at their disposal.  No matter the outcome, justice has come too late for these kids, for they have lost years of their lives to something we’ve known about for a mere ten days.


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