Monday Letters


Dear San Francisco, your winter has just begun, and I look forward to your Spring starting in a mere four weeks. Not too shabby. Dear Xfinity Cable, sometimes you just want to come home, get a beer from the fridge and watch ESPN. After a two-week hiatus, I’m thrilled to have you around. More than happy. Ecstatic.  Dear MLK, while Macy’s celebrates with sales, there are plenty who still believe in judging someone only by the content of their character. Dear Washer / Dryer unit, you had me at “in the building.” Dear Duraflame, you make a lonely night a cozy one. Dear French press, I’m still waiting to be blown away.  I’m not quite understanding the hype.  Dear Katya, I’m stocking up on dog food so that you can come for a visit and lay down in all my sun spots!  Dear February, I’m counting on you to be a lot better than January. The bar has been set pretty low.  Dear Flannel sheets, you are an inhibitor to the start of the day. Dear Mini SF, all of you get in line on Saturday, you could be mine!


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