Everybody Does It.

Ernest Hemingway claimed the most essential talent for a good writer was simply a “built-in, shockproof sh*t detector.” Writing your story is all about truth, and the full-fledge rejection of crap, lies, and anything else masquerading as kindness.  It has been said that the “sweeter a lie sounds, the meaner it really is.” Have you heard anything more true?

On the subject of truth, I’ve been thinking a lot about gratitude recently, something I too often overlook.  When your hours are spent peering at a screen, or you just plain don’t understand the cards you’ve been handed, sometimes the best thing is to stand back and see with new eyes.  Your friends’ newborn babies born healthy and warm, your family’s surprising good health (we eat a lot of sausage), the good fortune that you’ve had in moving cross-country, and your very present friends who battle the three-hour time difference to tell you they miss your face.

So in this vein, I just read an article on the “7 Gifts in the Universe that Everyone Gets.”  It’s just up to you if you recognize them and accept them as they are sent your way.

1) You (senselessly) win.

You picked the right scratch-off.  The last minivan at Hertz was just driven off the lot so you have no choice but the Mustang convertible.  The 101 is wide open, with nary a car in sight.  Whatever it is, something happens that makes you stand out amongst the rest, even for just a moment.  I find myself saying often, when getting the last parking space or hearing my name called out in a raffle, “This stuff just doesn’t happen to me!” But after saying it several times, I began to realize that maybe, just maybe, these things do happen to me.


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