What an incredible weekend.  I know I haven’t been Positive Patty as of late, or ever for that matter, but I had such a great 48 hours.  From renting a Mini Cooper on Saturday and having a solo adventure to Corte Madera that led to a furnished apartment, to spontaneously biking fourteen miles today to my second Hardly Strictly Bluegrass concert right on Ocean Beach, it could not have gotten better, courtesy of this wonderful man.   It was a celebration of huge proportions, and we arrived right in time to hear my favorite, Robert Earl Keen, sing his tunes.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been trying to relax.  Attending yoga classes, listening to meditations, having a glass of wine by my fireplace on a quiet night in…. It’s not an easy thing for me, to surrender to the present.  But I’m working on it, and it’s weekends like this that make me accept and appreciate where my life is right at this moment.

So I’m surrounding myself with things I love.  Music, television, people, nature, experiences, memories.  Friday Night Lights, bluegrass, fires, Downton Abbey, Sonoma, yoga, friends, California, French classes, photography, writing, new friends, making my house a home.

So, even though I am the only person who does not have off tomorrow, I am sitting here, hiding under the covers as I watch The Walking Dead, with a gorgeous fifty dollar bottle of wine from my favorite Russian River Valley winery (who needs an occasion?) and appreciating what another Sunday night offers.  Knowing what I want and putting it out in the Universe takes the pressure off of me.  It will deliver, as it did this weekend.  It’s got me covered, and I was allowed to receive another day, and the 10, 000 miracles within it.


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