Tuesday letters – and lighten up, Eileen!


Things have been getting dark and deep in my posts recently, and alas, a time to lighten up and say thanks, in the form of a not-so-handwritten letter.

Dear Tuesday rainy days, thank you for supplying the dinner menu of red wine, cheese, and chocolate Haagen-daz by the fire.  Dear David Walton, where have you been all my life?…Dear Don Draper, I know your kind all too well, and it hits a little close to home, Mr. Narcissistic.  Dear #2 bus, thank you for saving me from that awful #1 bus, where you been? Oh, here the whole time…. Dear Westchester County, I’m sorry that my kids never got to see the house I grew up in.  Dear North Carolina, for being the place I will spend future holidays. Dear Roger Sterling, for lines like “when God closes a door, he opens a dress.” I’ve met you, too. Equally sad and lonely, but you amuse me because you don’t pretend your something you’re not.  Dear Ed, thanks for being my daily pen pal. I look forward to you everyday.  Dear Clay Jackson, I’ll see you this weekend and every weekend.  Dear Anna Donaldson, for showing me what faith looks like. Dear thermostat, why the heat in the bedroom and the chill in the living room?  Dear Mr and Mrs Loerke, thank you for giving me the marriage I strive to have one day. Dear Elisabeth and Shawn, thank you for showing me that skiing might be my favorite new thing. Dear umbrellas, I keep leaving you in cabs and hope you are supplying your adopted owners with dry days.  Dear inspiration, for giving me reminders that are hard to believe:



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