Tuesday Letters – April 10

Dear duvet, you must release me from your grasp in the morning, this is getting ridiculous.  Dear cowboy boots, you are definitely made for walking.  Everywhere.  Everyday. Dear future husband, I can’t wait until I take pictures like the one above. Such joy! Dear iphone video, because of you I can see Clara at her 4th  birthday party and Maggie learning to crawl from 3000 miles away. Dear Big Apple, are you waiting with bated breath for my return?  You’re like the mothership, calling me home. Dear Whole Foods Cheese Department, I wish I could quit you. Dear Marin Headlands, what a view you provide. Dear Office Chair, I’m seeing you way too often and not enough of Yoga Mat. To be remedied, pronto. Dear delete button, for giving me the power to say goodbye with a single click. Dear fire alarm, I appreciate that you speak in a british accent.  Actually, that you speak at all is pretty remarkable. Dear moleskin journals,  for always being at the ready for a quick moment of gratitude.  Dear M.Ward, you knew exactly when I needed a new album. Dear Today’s Letters, for reminding me of the things and people who matter – and for teaching me that, one day soon, I should forgive the ones that once did. Dear Marina, my walk through your quiet streets yesterday morning gave me such a sense of peace, and I have no idea why.  But I’ll take it. Dear Dr. Cook, for recognizing that the people I discuss with you in therapy are actually the ones that could use your help. Holla. Dear Austin, I’m headed your way.  You sound like you’re my type. Dear Grace Cathedral, for providing respite for a girl without a family on Easter. My faith is beginning to heal.


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