Wednesday Letters…and Michael Fassbender

Dear Skyfall, congratulations on the best use of sound in a trailer yet.  Even Prometheus wasn’t this good.  Dear The Wire, I just can’t watch you.  I try; I know it’s supposed to be good.  I don’t get the hype. I’ll forge ahead with Season 3, but I don’t have to like it.  Dear Michael Fassbender, thank you for being best actor of our generation. Dear San Francisco Half Marathon, let’s do this again shall we?  How about beating my personal best again?  Dear Photograph and Frame, you made my beloved photos even more special.  And you cost a pretty penny, my friend.  I’m going to open up a framing shop and become a millionaire.  Dear Michael Fassbender, I’m sorry I just had to type your name again.  Dear roses, flowers bought by another are pretty special.  Ones bought for yourself bloom even better….


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