Tuesday Letters – July 24, 2012

Dear wonderful blog that I read, for inspiring me to take a trip to Ethiopia with Food for the Hungry, to start learning about a world bigger than myself.  To Indy, for reminding me that I must find anyway possible to get a dog in my life.  Dear Ernest Hemingway, for writing: “The sweeter a lie sounds, the meaner it really is.” Too true. Dear The Pad, for providing sweaty solace every Sunday night –  and for the new friends and brews that comes right after. Dear Rescue Me, I eagerly await my screening of Season 2 – Denis Leary forever! Dear SF Marathon, I’m sad I’ll miss out on you this weekend (damn shoulder!), but cheers to all those running! Onto the next one, I suppose.  Dear Russian River Valley, you were definitely awe to the some this weekend. Dear Penn State, I don’t know what to say. Let’s believe that Coach O’Brien is the man ready for the task ahead.  X’s and O’s to the community and the victims. Lots of ’em.


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