Things My Brain is Thinking About When No One is Looking – Part 4

Some Wednesday musings as I sit at my desk, the last one in the office, and want to be elsewhere.

…What, what, what is going on with this Petraeus thing?  If the word “shirtless” isn’t followed by the words “Ryan Gosling” I don’t want to hear about it.

…Why is hashtagging everthing the cool thing to do?  #seriouslyoverit

…Is it bad to eat three packages of beef jerky a day?  If so, how bad?  – on a scale of “eat a piece of fruit, Eileen” to “you might as well keep going b/c you have three months to live.”

…Why is there a 3 hour live pre-show for the Grammys?  Doesn’t this event happen every year? As a society, are we that concerned about the designer of Taylor Swift’s dress?

…If Justin Bieber is truly dating a Victoria’s Secret model, I will forever forgo their thongs. This is not a question, I realize, but it needs to be stated.

…I decided yesterday that I’m going to Africa for three weeks.  Who’s with me?

…Why do women rip their clothes off when they see Prince? The man resembles the cross between a Halloween costume and a bad SNL skit.

…Daniel Craig, on the other hand, I get that. Clothes.  Off.

…Is belly-dancing categorized as a sport?

…Leggings have never been, are not, nor will ever be, pants.

…How does Steve Harvey have his own talk show?

…Crow’s feet are sexy on a 34 year-old woman, right?  RIGHT????

…Jeremy Renner is not gay.  This is the last time I’m saying this, Megan.

…They’re not camouflage pants if they’re purple. How much purple underbrush is there out there?

…Ben Affleck has redeemed himself tenfold for his Jennifer Lopez days. Fact.

…There is no welcome home as warm as one that involves a puppy racing towards you.  Not yet, anyway.


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