As I walked in the rain this weekend, I remembered this post I wrote over two and a half years ago. Amazing how time flies. yes stays absolutely still.

Next Stop, Happiness

It’s hard to believe that the clouds contain this much water…that it can rain so heavily for so many hours straight.  There are few things in life better than waking up on a Sunday to the loud patter of rain against your window…a dark day that begs you to sleep for another hour, pick up that novel you’ve been wanting to get to, or watch that Bravo marathon on your DVR.

Today I did not have that luxury, for I was due for a riding lesson, my first one in a year, followed by six hours of volunteering with the therapeutic riding program.  Yes, I moaned and groaned a bit as I stood out in the rain waiting for the bus, wishing I had on my pajamas (the ones with the cows jumping over moons), coffee brewing on the countertop, and Girl With a Dragon Tattoo in my lap.


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