I am my father’s daughter.

Next Stop, Happiness

I feel very proud of my resume.  It’s kind of kick-ass, I have to tell ya.  I worked so hard on it, and it feels complete.  It’s interesting that we create a document to exemplify who we are, what we are made of, where we want to go, and what we represent to complete strangers…all in Microsoft Word form.  Today is my day to send it to the world.  I’m so excited for them.  In my sister’s words, “I know you can put away a large steak but I had no idea you were so smart.”  I am.  AND I can put away a bottle of A-1 in three days.  It’s a gift, not a curse.  Fan letters are read, but I cannot respond to all of them.

At this stage, the natural second-guessing comes into play.  Will these companies see my attributes on paper?  Will they know how ridiculously cool I am through…

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