Napa Solo

What better way to start a day than with a cup of Blue Bottle, a beautiful Audi with a purring engine, and visiting a dear friend’s new baby.  What a little cutie.  I think she liked me. I mean, I was there for an hour, and she pooped twice, I see this as a good sign.


Then, I got on the road to Napa.  I’m not a car person; I don’t really know the logistics, or why people go nuts over a turbo boost engine. Possibly, because I’ve never owned a car, living in NYC for as long as I have.  When I zipcar, I get a VW Gulf or a Mini Cooper, $10 an hour, easy to park, boom.  Of course, my favorite to-die-for car is a black BMW 328i.  BMW does an incredible black and a horrible red.  So I guess when it comes to cars, I pick up on looks.

Getting behind the wheel of this car today, I’m embarrassed to say it took a full six minutes to figure out how to start it.  I wish I was kidding.  I was beginning to think it was the parking brake that was an issue, but there was no parking brake to be seen.  Where is the big stick that’s supposed to be in the middle that releases all motion of this $%^# car!  After another sweaty, swearing 5 minutes, relented and pulled out the manual. To turn on the car.  Oh, it’s the electromechanical parking brake, of course! Twenty minutes after arriving to the car, I hadn’t even pulled out yet.

I consider myself a smart person.  I did well in school, got a 3.9 in my MBA program, and can carry a political conversation with the best of them.  Opening the sunroof?  Obviously, that’s Mensa territory.  When I stopped and got gas, you would have thought I was trying to fill up the Starship Enterprise.


But once I got rolling, I literally was laughing out loud at the 0-60mph in 6 seconds on Rte 29.  What an amazing feeling.  I now understand why people stare at engines. Purrrrrrr….I’m sold.


The next opportunity you get: go to Napa by yourself. You get all the $20 tastings for free, you get invited to a Stag’s Leap’s sommelier’s home for dinner, and get adopted by families along the way. Plus, winery dogs.  If I am every reincarnated, I want to come back as a winery dog.


Otis was my main man…


Then, stop and get In-N-Out.  Animal-style.  I don’t know what it means, but it will be served at my wedding.


….A day to remember.  And I’m not sure I can go back to a Volkswagen after this.

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