Un diario de vacaciones: Part 3

Ending my travels  at a yoga retreat in Nicaragua is one of the top three best decisions I ever made. Just what the therapist ordered.

Surrounded by a team of awesome and hilarious women, naturally most being from NYC, I’m in my natural habitat, 2834 miles from San Francisco.


At 7am, my non-morning body now finds itself stretching each newly elongated muscle as I liquify out of bed to start the day with my fabulous eight, drinking coffee and walking up our brick mountain to a 90 minute yoga class, led by my favorite yogi, Kristen Leal.  I met her in my 3-day a week noon yoga class at HBO’s gym when I was 27, and I’ve stalked her ever since. She couldn’t get rid of me if she tried. I literally had to get a stamp in my passport to experience her class again.

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 2.50.20 PM

Everyday we order our food in Spanish and the patience of the wait staff is impressive.  Hell, they’re handsome 30-something Nicaraguan males and our group wears bikinis and spandex everywhere. Plus, we tip a minimum 40%. They’re just fine. And as long as Miguel brings me my ceviche everyday, all is right with the world.

Plus, our neighbor is quite cocky.  Get it?! I’ll stop –

image2 (3)


We start and end the day with yoga, but every day is ripe with activities –

Monday was a full day of sailing and swimming in where the Caribbean meets the Pacific (or so I’m told, I don’t care, it was aqua, cool, and lovely).

image3 (1)

Tuesday looked like this, and I’m not kidding:

7:30a coffee
8 – 9:30 yoga
9:30 -10:30 breakfast
10:30-12 free time
12p lunch at the bookstore
3pm 60 minute deep tissue massage
6pm dinner in town
8pm tequila at the Iguana


Wednesday was a beach day at Hermosa Beach, where they filmed Survivor. It must have been awful. How did they do it? #surviving

image1 (4)

I stayed behind on the dinner plans Wednesday night, to finish my book, write, and am so thankful I was able to see this:

image4 (1)


The town of San Juan del Sur is nothing short of magical – I don’t think they sell these paint colors at Sherwin-Williams.  I feel like I am Dorothy, tossed out of her black and white Kansas world (ironic, since I was born there) and thrust into the colorful world of Oz.

I drank BEET juice today and would’ve swam laps in it if capable.  Everything tastes better, looks better, smells better, feels better – my senses are sparked and at the ready for more azures, magentas, and golds…..more mango, pineapple, lime, and cilantro.


Two more days, and while I LOVE being here and feel as though divine intervention could’ve been involved in my present teak seat, I still do look forward to home.  And eternally grateful that I, surrounded by New Yorkers, am still excited about putting my keys in a quiet little door in Presidio Heights.

PS –

Favorite quote of the week (so far):

Megan: “I’m afraid of three things: Sharks, seaweed, and Dakota Fanning.”












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