Good Lord…



I have been soooo mean these past few days (cough: weeks).  Just kind of generally pissed off and angry.  Not every minute, of course, just not-so-subliminally  negative. I blame it on the San Francisco winter we’re having. That way, I can sidestep all blame, naturally.

To remedy, I got a sassy haircut and a golden doodle today.  They’ve helped.

Also, random, but I just had a weird thought – I live in California.  Is that weird for anyone else, or just me…I realize it will be five years in October.  But still…how the heck did that happen? And why am I wearing fleece boots right now?

Anyway, this is an apology.  For my mood.  And scowl. But not my sarcasm, because I actually really enjoy that.

So after a fun dinner out tonight, I’m going to sit back, relax, and quietly lose my mind as this dog destroys his meat bone all over my rug, despite me constantly returning it to the blanket I set down to protect my floors.  Because it’s National Dog Day, and that’s something I can get behind.



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